Why we love North Dakota

When people think of North Dakota, they typically imagine one thing, cold winters. While North Dakota is famous for long winters, there is a lot more to the state than snow filled months. If you are thinking of relocating to North Dakota, here are our top three reasons why we love the state.

The People

In North Dakota, you will find some of the happiest people in the United States. Every where you go, you will feel welcome and appreciated by your neighbors. Need a lending hand? You won’t have to look too far when it comes to the locals. The sense of community throughout the state is one of the biggest draws for families relocating to the area. There is a general sense of safety that single people, couples and families can all rely on when moving to North Dakota.

High Quality of Life

North Dakota is consistently ranked high on all of those “best state” surveys that float around the Internet and pop up on social media feeds. In 2018, North Dakota was ranked ranked #4 by US News Best States as a place to live and ranked #1 for quality of life. That says a lot. Living in North Dakota, even in the busier metro of Fargo/Moorhead, means a slower pace and a sense of a laid-back atmosphere.

Finding Work

North Dakota is also consistent with their low unemployment rate. Even with the recession, the unemployment rate in the state remained steady. This is great for those already living in or relocating to North Dakota. With an abundance of jobs in the major cities, you can rest assured that the decision to move to ND is a good one.